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I Am From

Iamfrom old quilts, from Gone with the Wind, and toy trucks. 
I amfromthe Saint Cloud Manor of home is whenever I’m with you.

I amfromthe splintered oaks and the lush pecans, 

Whose longgone limbs I rememberasiftheyweremyown. 

I’mfrom Pentecostal revival and Baptist guilt fromJoan Estelle and Irish roots. 

I’mfrom strong will and soft grace, 
and from maybe a little too much liquor to wash it all down.

I’mfrom worthless and worthy.
And  “Just a little talk with Jesus.”

I am from voicing the voiceless, loving the unlovable and seeking God first. 
From best friend husband and Mother of two boys.

I’mfrom Christmas presents on Christmas Eve’s eve.

I’mfrom Arkadelphia and Scotland/England/Ireland mutts. 
From gravy steaks and fried potatoes.

I’m fromMary Sue in the 1950s -- Fun and fancy free in the city.
Black and white snapshots of hidden hot springs and late nights.

Stashed away in a box, lost in the clutter.

Joining up with She Loves Synchroblog here.

Why blog?

It's hard to figure out why I want to blog. Is it to work on my writing skills? Is it to share my stories? Or is it just because I want to write a book some day and all the good bloggers have book deals?
But what makes a good blog? What's so special about the blogs you read? Why do you keep coming back?
I realize this is a short post and sort of a cop out for my seven day challenge. But, I'm really interested ... What do you think makes a blog successful?
Maybe the answer is in posting photos like this?

Yeah. Probably not.

Breathing (On nine years of marriage)

Hey Jude ... It's You!

Hey Jude,
Hi. It’s me. Your Mom. You turned three in May and because I’ve been so busy, I’m writing this in July. Hey … listen, you get two kids, a full time job and all kinds of other things and then give me a hard time okay?
And, you are probably the type of kid who is going to give me a hard time. Let’s be honest, I believe you’ve inherited your mother’s personality. It seems we have a bit in common when it comes to making sure we get exactly what we want. You have the eye on the prize at all times, and if motivated enough I believe you could probably go ahead and move mountains. I love that about you.
In the last year I’ve been amazed at how much you’ve grown. You’ve gone from toddler to full-out little BOY! And boy -- are you all boy! You pretty much love to be outside at all times. You love to take your dog for walks and play in the backyard. Living in Florida we love to sit outside in the spring and fall, but you get annoyed with us when it’s too hot in the summer months.
You …

Life Goes On ...

No better time but the present to sing the words of Obli-de, Obli-da ... Yes the story of Molly and Desmond and their anthem of "Life goes on," is pretty much where we are with this blog, dear friends.

It's been a whirlwind of a year or so. I got pregnant, opened up The Community Hope Center (a nonprofit working to provide services to homeless families in Osceola County), and then had a baby.

Life is/was crazy. So, in an effort to join Jen over at Conversion Dairy I'm doing the seven blogs in seven days challenge and using this opportunity to start this blog back up. So I will be writing for the next seven days to do just that.

Today serves as your one year recap.

On my 30th birthday about a year ago, I was a Mom of one amazing little boy who has a little over 2 years old. I was also *just* pregnant with my second child. Being pregnant in the middle of trying to open up a county-wide initiative to help homeless families while continuing to provide ministry within the…

On Easter Morning Reflections (A sermon from last year's Sunrise Service)

John 20:1-18
"Mary Magdalene left and announced to the disciples, "I’ve seen the Lord.""
There are four accounts of the morning after Jesus was resurrected, all four include Mary Magdalene, but John’s account is the only one that includes that John, himself, saw what had happened. I can imagine Mary walking toward the tomb that morning. It was dark when she left the house. I think about the days before for her journey to the grave, the last time she’d seen Jesus he was hanging on the cross,she’d heard that Joseph and Nicodemus had hurriedly buried him in a nearby tomb, that they had wrapped him and placed spices with him, but she wanted to make sure it was right, she prepared herself to see Jesus dead body before her, and she was looking to bring dignity and worth to her Lord’s body, to make things proper. I can hear Mary’s thoughts as she walked to the tomb, her heart must have been so heavy, all hope lost or so it seemed. Her Messiah, her friend, her teacher is dea…