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Baby Showers, Blood Pressure and More (31 + 2 days)

Baby Shower
So in March I went home to Arkansas for a family/church shower at First United Methodist Church. Martin wasn't able to come because he is saving all his time for when Jude gets here but I still had a great time! We got so many great things. Homemade blankets from several family and friends, clothes galore, a homemade cradle from my Mom and Brad and the bedding set for the crib from Nick & Kay (Martin's Parents).

While I was away my mom got with Martin secretly and also bought us a crib, so Martin put it together over the weekend. It was a very quick trip, I flew out Saturday and back to Florida on Monday. But, it was well worth it! I can't even tell you how excited I was to see everyone and we are SO thankful for all the great gifts baby Jude received.

Blood Pressure
Maybe it was all the excitement of travel or maybe it was just being pregnant but we had a little blood pressure scare last week when it decided to go up quickly and cause me to feel like total crap. I went home from work and my boss recommended I stop by Publix and check my BP just to be safe. It was 151/96 ... scared the crap out of me! So I called my doc and she told me to come on into the triage department of the hospital to just check things out. So, I called Martin and he met me there. I was a little afraid that we were going to meet Jude a little too soon, but not that worried. I was more afraid of being put on bedrest for the next 8 weeks. But, I guess I just needed some rest because we stayed for about 45 minutes and it went back down to 116/73 so I was fine. Who knows what brought that on?

More Stuff
It's really crazy that I have just 8 weeks to go before Baby Jude gets here. There is still so much to sort out. We have two more showers planned for the first weekend in May. I think after that we can finally get the nursery ready to go! We have gotten a lot of great stuff already, but we still need a lot more! We have almost gotten the backyard finished, which will be so great to have done before Jude gets here so that I can let Sawyer the pup out during the day instead of having to walk him, he can play in his huge, fenced in, backyard. Sawyer already loves to lay in the grass out there, so I know he will love being off his leash and able to run and play! Martin and I are really getting excited to meet Baby Jude and we can't wait for him to get here. We did get some good news regarding our hospital stay. Because I'm in the ordination process and Florida Hospital is a religious organization, I get 50% off my deductible! This was a huge gift, and I am so relieved! It is saving us $500 and it means more money to use to get ready for Jude!

Well, that's about it for now. I'll try to update more, it's just by the time I get home from work I am so tired that I never feel much like writing. :)

Happy Easter everyone!


Desiree said…
Wow, that really is a huge blessing. You can buy a lot of diapers with 500 dollars. I am glad everything is alright and that you are getting excited about meeting your little one. We are too. I bet he will look just like you!!!!!

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