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The Baby Boom Continues, + Working on the Nursery (34 weeks + 5 Days)

Baby Boom #2:

It's a little late to announce but we are so excited that Landon is finally here for the Abbott's! Annie & Billy are wonderful parents and Landon is just the sweetest little one ever! We got to see him just a few days after he was born. We brought Sawyer along with us to see how he would react to a newborn and he seemed to be interested but not overly hyper, so I was very excited about that! Here is a photo of the sweet little one! Congrats to Annie & Billy on a beautiful baby boy! Also, I just want to shout out to Kara & Ben on the birth of Sarah! She's gorgeous and Kara has done an amazing job at posting photos of little Sarah, weekly even! : )

Working on the Nursery:

Martin put all the stars up on the wall from the decals we have gotten as baby gifts! I absolutely love them! They look SO good. We still need a few more items but we have TWO showers this weekend so hopefully we will be able to get a few more things and then we can head off to Babi…

Baby Showers, Blood Pressure and More (31 + 2 days)

Baby Shower
So in March I went home to Arkansas for a family/church shower at First United Methodist Church. Martin wasn't able to come because he is saving all his time for when Jude gets here but I still had a great time! We got so many great things. Homemade blankets from several family and friends, clothes galore, a homemade cradle from my Mom and Brad and the bedding set for the crib from Nick & Kay (Martin's Parents).

While I was away my mom got with Martin secretly and also bought us a crib, so Martin put it together over the weekend. It was a very quick trip, I flew out Saturday and back to Florida on Monday. But, it was well worth it! I can't even tell you how excited I was to see everyone and we are SO thankful for all the great gifts baby Jude received.

Blood Pressure
Maybe it was all the excitement of travel or maybe it was just being pregnant but we had a little blood pressure scare last week when it decided to go up quickly and cause me to feel like total cr…