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5 Weeks, 4 days or 6 Weeks

So, being pregnant is interesting to say the least. Here are the things that I have done since having an enormous amount of hormones running through my body:

1. Almost puked after taking communion at church
2. Almost passed out from the heat at church
3. Had to pee so bad that I stopped at a disgusting gas station, and still went there!
4. Spent an obscene amount of money on Maternity Clothes.
5. I go from feeling like I'm going to die from back-pain to super happy and excited
6. Being hungry all the time
7. Almost fallen asleep at work (sorry Cara!)
8. Forgotten stuff

So that's that. I wondered what kind of theological meaning there is in puking up The Lord's Supper. I'm sure I'm not the first one who has felt that way, but I swear after taking that bread I thought ... "Oh God, this is going to be it, this is what's going to make me puke?" Luckily, I didn't throw up the Holy Sacrament, but it was a close call. In fact, I have yet to throw up anything. And, I'm thankful. Usually this is how I feel: I have to pee, I go. Then I get really hot and start fanning myself. The heat takes over and I feel nauseous, then I think I'm going to puke. So, I keep fanning myself, and squirming in my seat until the feeling passes. I guess that can be including in "morning sickness" but there has no puking yet, and usually it happens in the afternoon, early evening.

Also, my back still has days when it hurts. I think some of this may be from gas. Apparently the baby slows down my digestive system quite a bit, and makes it harder for my insides to do what they are supposed to do. I've tried fixing this by eating better and sipping warm liquids. I have a cup of warm tea every night before bed and I have been eating Lipton Cup of Soup quite a bit too. These help a lot, but sometimes the backache is still there. That's why I think it's not all from the slow digestive tract. Some is just down-right pain. I've been doing yoga to eliminate the pain and to stretch out my body, it seems to be working.

I'm already gaining some weight. I think a lot of it is water (hence the urge to pee!), and the rest from just being hungry A LOT! Because of these two things, I couldn't find anything to wear in my current wardrobe, so I went to Motherhood Maternity. They CLAIM that the clothes will grow with me, so those who see me regularly be prepared for seeing me in the SAME thing for the next eight months!

I am also pretty tired all the time. I'm trying to take breaks and walk around the office so I don't get too tired sitting at my desk. Luckily, last week I was EVERYWHERE and hardly had time to sit still, but by Friday I was so ready to wind down and was so tired I didn't know if I would be able to drive home! I think the tiredness makes me forget stuff too, my friends warned me about "pregnancy brain" and I can't believe it's already taken hold! I also notice that I don't catch things as much (i.e. spelling/grammar mistakes in my blog posts, and papers!) I hope you guys don't mind that for now my brain is working much slower, and I hope you will overlook any mistakes!

So, overall things have been going ok. I'm liking being pregnant, I just need to get used to all these different feelings. The shortness of breath comes and goes but I'm finding it easier to adjust. According to all the sources, the baby is only the size of an apple seed right now. It's hard to imagine something so small can take so much of my energy all the time. I'm not complaining by any means, it's just weird to see (and feel) all these changes in my body!

Things to look forward to in the next few blogs:
1. Baby Names (maybe we'll have a poll?)
2. Baby Nursery Theology (Why Noah's Ark is a BAD idea)
3. Ultrasound photos! (Coming 10/12!!)
4. Mary's results from Race from the Taste 10k (Did she get picked up by the short bus?)


Whitney said…
I'm really looking forward to the Baby Name poll. When you're in seminary, it seems like all your friends name their babies things like, "Elijah" or "Noah", etc. Frankly, after learning about Deuteronimistic editing, I don't think I could ever name my child something from the OT. It's like, yeah, that's a cool name, but did you know your kid's namesake was a terrorist?
Mary Downey said…
Oh, good point. I just got finished writing a paper on Deuteronimistic editing, let me just say ugh! I am leaning toward Lucy Delilah right now, I know, I know, it's an OT name, but hey, I'm aware of what she did, and I'm not that big of a fan of Samson anyway! :)

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