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Fun Times...

Fun times are upon us. I just got back from a mall where I met WWE announcers Jim Ross (JR) and Lillian Garcia. They were very nice and were in town to promote Wrestlemania 24 tickets going on sale. Wrestlemania will take place on March 30th at the Citrus Bowl and tickets go on sale Saturday.I plan to have mine on Thursday from the presale.The bottom line is... come Sunday,there won't be a ticket left. I'm looking forward to it, but I won't weight the entire blog down with wrestling.

Earlier today I had my one year evaluation with my company and in addition to saying very nice things about me, they decided to give me a raise. I was expecting a smallraise, but this was a bit more, so that was nice! More than anything, it makes me feel justified in moving here.
My only complaint about work was the pay and since that area looks to be improving, I'm happy all the way around.
Last Thursday we embarked on a road trip to North Carolina to see Whitney and Graham and atte…

The first for our "Family" Blog

So, we stole this idea from Annie and Billy, but we think it's a great one.

Since we each have separate MySpace accounts, no one really knows what's going on with us as a family (and because Martin hasn't blog in over a year). So here is the place where you can come and check up on us and how we are doing in Florida.

It's been over a year since we have moved here, and we both just celebrated our one year anniversaries at our jobs. They are both going okay, Martin's better than Mary's, but at least they continue to pay the bills.

We celebrated Martin's 26th birthday by going to Disney World to the food and wine festival at Epcot. We also rode the newly refurbished Haunted Mansion, and it freakin' rocks!

We had a great time eating 'around the world.' We stopped off in Chili first, and ate some amazing food, we also made it a point to try some countries that we didn't try last year, like Turkey and Japan. We have always wanted to try sushi, and we …